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melorules7 asks...
Stephen A. Smith said that the knicks are better off without Lin

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I agree, because Lin is not worth 5Mil not even 3Mil. He didn't want to play in the playoffs cause he was afraid of the Miami Heat.
i agree lin is asking for to much money for doing nothing {melo is da truth}
I agree because Lin's turnovers are too hurtful. The Knicks can easily find a better PG to sign, and They'll no longer Have a turnover problem..
I think they are better off without him. Turnovers, some questionable shots, and we really don't know how that knee is. He worked well in Mike D's system, but what about Woody's system? 5Mil a year is one thing, but he's not worth 15mil in the last year of his contract.
lin can go left, gets trapped alot at half court. take a look at tht miami game. he cant handle the pressure. let him go to houston..nobody on the team but him
This man is correct we need a point guard who can pass and score lin couldnt do that without turning the ball over
felton is a better fit.. i like him and amare running that pick and roll and as well as a decent jumper.. good pick up
i agree
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Melo said "Jeremy is the reason we are going to play unselfish". and that's what they need chemistry.
because with vet jason kidd mentoring lin we could have a very beast team and als it would help all of are players get with the help of two very good pg on the floor
some moron said we have too much offense with lin! SMH! That's why the Heat declined LBJ right? They had wade and bosh already! LOL! we should've kept Lin and got felton...Then if it doesn't work out trade melo and win with lin amare' chandler shumpert and kidd with camby too! Oh yeah! Plus whatever is most needed can be had for MELO! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
Ok listen, our fan base was loving Lin the Knicks sold more jerseys and fan ware than anyvother NBA player last year through his jerseys and shirts, our fans went nuts when he balanced out the melo and amare and ran the floor like a real point guard should. And now because he wants more money u won't match stfu UVMADE MORE THAN WHAT HE'S ASKING ON THE JERSEYS U SOLD THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Granted he doesn't need 14 mil in third year
Stephen A. Smith is a troll.
hes about as intelligent as dolan. nuff said.
Apparently there's a petition for SAS to resign from espn
He is someone who can help. He will get better and he gets to the free throw line.