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Aaron1771 asks...
the knicks reportedly are not going to match lins offer
smart why
dumb why

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That contract is just too much for a guy that plays 20 games with lots of turnover
he is nice........but not that nice
to much money hes not worth that much
Salary Cap is our Kryptonite
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jeremy would make more money for the club than they pay for his salary, however high it be.
Knicks mgm’t are not so dumb as not to realize the good potential of Lin as a player, his wide popularity worldwide that has greatly enhanced the team’s image and the huge money they can make with this cash cow. But they handled the issue badly. They wanted to diminish the value of his contract and were hesitant to give him an offer and had him tested the market himself. They did not expect and were mad that someone can actually offer a contract that made it difficult for them to match. Some people said the contract is ridiculous or Lin is not worth that much. It is a clever move by Rockets and shows their determination to get Lin. Lin’s value is immeasurable and has very good potential to be a great player if he is allowed to develop. But Knicks doesn’t seem promising to him and perhaps they could see the problem themselves. Actually there were likely to be negative influences on the decision from the big star who is not pleased with Lin for stealing the spotlight, or peers who are jealous of the offer, and hypocrite Woody who has a history of not trusting non-veterans, as proved by the late acquisition of aged players. It is actually a blessing to Lin that Knicks chose not to match the offer.
MELO on the team and making us worse!Lin not signed and brought excitement ,cash, fans in the sold out seats,a real team atmosphere,stand up guy who has a good background,intelligence,gave the fans a reason to believe we were getting better, cause we were getting better,and most of all WINS! good luck with MELO DRAMA till it is over and we can win again! IN THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT MATTERS! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
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Lin is a f***ing CA$H COW
@hazelyu ur exactly right the team made more money selling his jerseys last year then the contract he wants.
the smart money says they will match. but what do I know!
Keep Lin pleasee
sike dont match it {melo is da truth}
dumb why
For money???