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kevin0124 asks...
sorry knicks. NO LIN NO KNICKS for me. cancel my acct now. bye everyone!

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I'm glad that Lin would go to Rockets and be the face of its franchise instead of sacrifice for the mess of Melo and Amare. He can learn and grow and shine there instead of staying in Knicks. And Lin's fans will go to support Rockets... so byebye Knicks...
bye knicks....
Bye hypocritical Woodson!Bye Knicks!Fresh air in n dirty air out!
Let see what Felton and knicks can do next season, if still no good, LOL... to Knicks fan who say yes to old man and fat boy.., Will always remember first time A bunch good player with carmelo (Billsup) now Lin...
We like Lin very much!!!
I will still watch the Knicks when I can but I am a Lin fan and so are a lot of other people.
bye !!!!!!
what a pity that KNICKS not contract with Jeremy Lin who is a good player and can bring Knicks a lots of benefit especially from China and other Asian countries.
Love Lin
bye knicks! hello HOUSTON!! :) wish u all the best NOVAK AND TYSON!!
Bye! stupit team!
it was totally Knicks' fault that they never gave him an offer and let him test the market. He did.
Yes, this will too be the last time I sign in here. Good bye Knicks! Goodbye Melodramatic baller. One lesson for you: do try to hide your jealousy just a bit and stop calling other people's contract "ridiculous". To many of us your contract is the most ridiculous compared to what your performance yield.
I chose yes but I still like Tyson and Shumpert even though I am Lin's fan.
Just found this site when learned about JLin. Guess I got to create an account in Houston site now! Bye Knicks!
Count me in too! Bye, bye, New York! : )
Count me. I am out of knicks, totally.
No lin no hope, the Knicks needed a solid point guard/SG and you can't get away with Kidd as a back up to the unreliable Felton. No matter how good the front court is the knicks won't win by having Melo bring up the ball like a few years ago.
SStop saying melo is the truth its like the only thing u say first of all he sucks
yes I am glad fans are leaving! msg deserves this! they put melo ahead of everyone! especially the fans! some of the lin fans were awful but hey they spend $ too! And I LMAO @ fake Knicks fans who are riding MELO! SMH! we rode him twice bounced from the playoffs twice! Just like before he came here another year more drama! I cannot wait till yall go too! 4 REAL! Get on outta hear! MELO on the team is making us worse!Lin not signed and brought excitement ,cash, fans in the sold out seats,a real team atmosphere,stand up guy who has a good background,intelligence,gave the fans a reason to believe we were getting better, cause we were getting better,and most of all WINS! good luck with MELO DRAMA till it is over and we can win again! IN THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT MATTERS! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
ur not a knick fan i love the whole team even fields but i will stick with then until the end KNICKS ALL DAY
Where was the Knicks before Lin? The Knicks management knows very well the values Lin has added to the organization and the team. But they wanted to diminish the value of his contract and did not give him any offer but had him tested the market himself. They were mad that someone can actually offer a contract to him that made it difficult for them to match, and mad too that they have lost a cash cow. People angry or jealous try to make it look like Lin is greedy and leaves for the money. He’s not. He can well earn it through the many endorsement deals offered to him. Not only did they handle the issue badly, they have not given Lin the respect that he deserves. Perhaps they don’t deserve Lin at all.
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Goodbye to all the fake fans.
phony knicks fans{melo is da truth}
yall fake knicks fans
No Lin,No Melo,No Woodson,No Dolan...still KNICKS !!! THE TEAM IS ABOVE ALL !
Your supposed to like a team regardless of who is on it. I was still a fan of those terrible knicks teams in the 2000's because I am loyal. You don't just stop becoming a fan of your team because a player leaves. Looks like Miami's gonna have some competition, a Houston bandwagon
i like lin but dats retarded to leave ur team just because player leaves when lebron left clevalnd theRE were still hardcore cav fan and still are so bye u fake ass fans
BYE!!!! whoe writes that was never a knick fan.. i am always a knick it doesnt matter who is playing for the knicks.. i like lin very mutch...and recognize, that felton plays very well with stoudi... i am sure, with a very good stoudi we will match up miami:-)
BANDWAGON GROUPIES GOODBYE!!! Ya'll were blocking my view anyway!!!! LETS GO KNICKS!!!
when we win our championship u will be back bandwagon fake knick fans
bad thing for lin. he needs mentors since he is just a new player.knicks arrange for that. unfortunately he needs the money.
BYE HATERS!!!!! LOL what you still doing on the Knicks page.... Lin's a sell out. He could have made a deal which ensures the knicks give him a great offer and he can still play in the best B-ball city in the world... He signed a ridiculous offer with Houston... BYE LIN ... BYE HATERS!!!!!
This is the start of the Championship run for the Knicks, and a good decision made to not Match that "Ridiculous Offer" Thanks Jeremy for all you did during those 35games....
bye bye! but the knicks will match the lin offer, but you! just lost your fan card.