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truknickfan asks...
should the knicks match the new offer from the rockets?

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the new deal is 3yrs 25M. with 5 and 5.225 in the first two yrs and nearly 15M in the third yr. the original offer was 9M the last 2 yrs an about 5 the 1st two. let his ass walk!!! the guards in the west are going to feast on him everynight!!
Johnny Flynn or Reymond Felton would do a much better job
to much money
no way
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From a bussiness stand point it it make all the sense in the world to have ownership keep lin in a knicks uniform. As a player at the point guard position its rare to find some to have such good court vision and lin clearly has that. Jason Kid coming in and backing lin up and showing him all the tools to run the point position is great. It will only enhance his play on the court. The good thing is that the team will have training camp. There was more addition than subtraction and all players will benifite from that Incuding the coaching staff. For the first time in a long time theres a solid picture forming than the distorted one we were all used to seeing with the musical chairs of player and personel every year. I'm surprised herb williams didnt develope motion sickness from his head constantly spinning with all the changes and new faces around him!
Jeremy Lin is a great player. When Golden state waived him they lost an Estimated $10 million a year in revenue from all of the people that would have gone to see Jeremy. Also, he sold a ton of Jerseys for the Knicks. And why would they get Kidd if they did not intend on keeping Jeremy. However, it may be in Jeremy's best interest to go with Houston. Linsanity happened without the star players. To me that shows that their style of play does not mesh well with Jeremy's Style. But at the end of the day, all I have to say is Go Jeremy Lin! I may be from NY but rest assured that I (and a lot of other people) will be following whatever team Jeremy is on next year!
After signing Jason Kidd to be Lin's mentor, the Knicks made it clear that they had every intention to bring Lin back and match the Rockets' offer, even if it was worth $50M. Lin's gonna get the money anyways, so think about it: Would you rather have Lin overpaid in Houston, or overpaid in New York?
Yes, Lin would make the money back by cable deal, and commercial and tickets, etc. but I'm glad that Lin would go to Rockets and be the face of its franchise instead of sacrifice for the mess of Melo and Amare. He can learn and grow and shine there instead of staying in Knicks. And Lin's fans will go to support Rockets... so byebye Knicks...
"yes",but please don't. Do not humiliate him n torture him any longer.
while 15 mill in the third year is a bit steep, but it is just one year and the knicks will make more than that having him over the next 3 years. also the core of the team are all going to be expired in the next 3 years so this gives them a chance to re-negioate all contracts at the same time in 2015, furthermore lin is a pretty good player and with jason kidd to help him out he should do well
I think jeremy stagnate in ny with woody and iso melo. he will grow anywhere else so letting him go is epically stupid of the knicks because of all the money linsanity made for everyone but good for lin.
LINsanity needs to remain in New York, learn from Kidd, simple as that.
because we want to win not watch Melo ball! DISGUSTING! WAX FIGURE? REALLY?MELO on the team and making us worse!Lin not signed and brought excitement ,cash, fans in the sold out seats,a real team atmosphere,stand up guy who has a good background,intelligence,gave the fans a reason to believe we were getting better, cause we were getting better,and most of all WINS! good luck with MELO DRAMA till it is over and we can win again! IN THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT MATTERS! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
Jereny Lin will get better and will be good
Knicks let him test the market and he did!
yes. but on the other hand I have a feeling that Lin has lost the trust to the Knicks org (and vice versa) since this FA mess.
Yeah! I just spent over two hundreds in Knicks jersey.
You picked "YES WAY!!". Tell us why.
IDK {melo is da truth}