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Aaron1771 asks...
r u tierd of hearing all of these fake knicks fans that only like lin
heak yea
nah its gud

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im not much better im only a knick fan cause of melo lol!
the best with in the linsanty was, that we have supporters in games away like the games in was amazing..but people who stick with the knicks when linsanity rises..are not really knicks fan...pleas open an new site - Lin Now - only for Linsupporters;-)
heak yea
i love lin but he is not gonna win the knicks a championship its a team sport
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Please, not the "FAKE FAN" S**T again.
yes I am tired of all these fake Knick fans who only like MELO!
they don't like lin ONLY. they also like tyson, novak, landry, jared... any one who plays team ball. that's what basketball is about: TEAM spirit!
nah its coo they will watch for lin then realize how good melo and future hall of famer jkidd is, and become a knicks fan =] im a huge amare fan but he needs to get back to being amare..
everyone is entitled to their own opinion
Im cool with it but its going to take more then Lin at the PG spot to do it thats why they signed Kidd.
i dont really care {melo is da truth}