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Yd Cool asks...

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Yes, But that contract is not going to help Lin in the long run. Because they might trade him for Chris Paul next year.
MELO on the team and making us worse!Lin not signed and brought excitement ,cash, fans in the sold out seats,a real team atmosphere,stand up guy who has a good background,intelligence,gave the fans a reason to believe we were getting better, cause we were getting better,and most of all WINS! good luck with MELO DRAMA till it is over and we can win again! IN THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT MATTERS! {STERN IS DA TRUTH!}
knicks r no offense crap without lin
i picked yes although they dont NEED him but you dont give him up either.
Because Jeremy Lin spreads the offense and makes sure things run smoothly. Also with Kid on the bench now, he can learn from one of the greatest point gaurds ever.
for money purposes and to win
His tallent and market.
wouldnt say "need"... but Knicks is/will be better off with Lin.
yes {melo is da truth}
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Because, the Knicks now have the Veteran Jason Kidd, One of The Best Point Guards in the NBA today. Plus Jason Kidd has way less turnovers than Lin and Jeremy Lin is Highly Overrated.
felton could also work out if they chose to sign him
Because they contract agreement of 28.- mil is way to much for a shortseason run last season...we dont know how good he will or may perform in 82 games if he is as consistant