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Amelo16 asks...
What seed we the Knicks be next season

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at the second half of last season the knicks were one of the top teams of the nba all the inconsistencies during the d'antoni era went away when woodson took over, i honestly believe that no team couldve beat us in the playoffs except miami, we were that good after the coaching change, why wouldnt we be a top 4 seed this year woodson has time to plan and everyone is working hard this off season, i only see big things this year
at lest da 3 seed {melo is da truth}
the question must be 2 or 3 everything less is very dissapointing..this season i don accept excuses!!!
Top 4 team. I just want them to bust the Nets ass. #NYK
They can definetly win their division this season.
we have a more core team this year with veterans and key players not just scores and rookies
Tell us why you picked your answer...
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damn hate that i had to pick this side but i see them landing in the 5 spot.. no deeper than that though.. they will beat the 4 seed and who knows after that.. hopfully we winn the ship!
Because the East has way to many strong power-house teams.