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Knickerbockers! asks...
Assuming he is healthy going forward, In 5 years Iman Shumpert will be?
what am i a Prophet?
Pretty darn good

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He won't be on the Knicks
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seems a bit injury prone but he's pretty awesome
Already showing he is a tough defender, he will only get better.
Iman will be pretty good in a few year {melo is da truth}
anywhere but Knicks. He will be traded for another experience player before he gets a good contract.
Well he had a good year this year and he is always practicing so yeah.
shump is amazing
Because he play both sides of the ball and I love it went he plays the other team better guard is doesn't matter who there are love it
boarder line all star...wont make the team tho.. highlights is where he can earn his respect..and that tuff D..maybe wind up on all defensive team .. 1, 2, or 3
He plays D now, all he has to do is get that mid range jumper down and Shump will be a baby beast.