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Knickerbockers! asks...
Jeremy Lin seems mentally weak, cry baby ish to me..What do you think?
Not weak at all
Weak, but can play ball

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I'm not a Lin fanatic, but WHAT? Lin originally went undrafted for a reason, because in his season with the GSW, he looked and played like a nobody. He had the skill, but couldn't compete at an NBA level. But afterwards, he bulked up and took his game to a WHOLE 'nother level. Lin's incredible work ethic has surely strengthened his mind because he could handle the pressure of playing in a city like New York. NYK Lin >>> GSW Lin. So please don't make wild assumptions. Assume makes an "Ass" out of "U" and "Me".
Obviously, this question's fm a mentally weak guy.
i dont really get where this question came from
he has very high iQ and EQ more that you think
what are u talking about u bozo
this is the stupidest claim I've ever heard. Didn't you see he played at the forth quarter? He was on the top as a clutch player. do you research and check stats before open your mouth, dump head!
you telling me he's weak!!! he shot a (THREE) pointer over Dirk Nowitzki!!!
he can take a hit and score he can do many and one moments he was just upset that the knicks didn't ask him 1st the knicks was just playing by the rules its nothing personal
Its tough to play when you got Millionaire pre-Madonnas surrounding you with a coach that didn't command his players respect (D'Antoni) Dolan made a bunch of terrible decisions.
He is humble and strong!!
who have you been watching the last 5 1/2 months
Lin is fearless driving the lane!
Jeremy brought the W's! And Melo? Sorry Knicks!
you are too young...
Was this question posted because he decided not to play in the Heat Series? And end up like Brandon Roy? Didn't he consulted with teammates as well? Did you see what happen to Baron Davis?
What kind of assumption is this? A Harvard graduate mentally week i don't think so, there's a lot of reasons not to be. u name it!
i wouldnt call him weak minded but hes probably still unsure of himself... he can compete but for how long?
He is not weak, but needs to step up his game and decision making.
no not at all, though i did see cheap plays thrown at him because he was tear an (a**) through most teams in his way and well some teams weren't going to have that... J Lin all the way... where'ever he lands...
IDK {melo is da truth}
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He's not weak but he needs to speak with the Knicks.
he needs to give his opinion and how would you feel if you were a phenomenon and two teams threw you away
I just chose this so my comment could show up. no but seriously, that's what yo mama said about u 2 so....just sayin
He Weak