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_ItsSanjuan asks...
Will the knicks make it to the final's next season
Of Coarse !

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If they can sign either OJ Mayo or Randy Foye and re-sign JR Smith the Knicks would be a dangerous team in the NBA.
New York Knicks the 2013 NBA Champion {melo is da truth}
we got melo and kidd maybe lin maybe camby and fields is gone so we can make it
Beacause they have all of the pieces to make the New York Knicks a finals team.
a man can hope
Were making the Dream Team BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes it our time... come on woodson... let do it big...
we are just the best... also with the newly adjustments we should be good to go !
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We've still gotta get past Boston, Indiana, Chicago, and those bastards in Miami, and now even our rivals from across the East River are trying to get in our face... But New York will always have my support. NYK, all day, all the way.
depends... if everyone is healthy and i mean everyone
we went 4-1 against miami in the last playoffs, and have to do that again and then we have to beat indiana boston. it will be hard but we have a better roster this year so hopefully we will be able to do it
there's a big difference between 1 play off win and 12, which are needed to get to the Finals.
if were health we can go a long way ,,, if iman shumpert never went down we had better chance this year ..