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JV1523NYK asks...
would you want jr smith back with the knicks?
Yes he was a great asset
No to inconsistent

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Yes JR is raw {melo is da truth}
Arrgh... it pains me to pick this option. J.R. Smith is too unpredictable. He hogs the ball, has bad shot selection, makes silly fouls, and has off-court shenanigans. J.R.'s low basketball IQ is a liability, but he can really boost the offense for a guy on the bench. As long as Woodson tells him to sit his ass down when he starts being a scrub, he's fine with me.
explosive player coming off the bench... i mean what bench player gets 20 points in not just 1 game but 3 or 4 in a row? plus the kid got swag !
J.R Smith is a beast and is a important piece to the Knicks
We need JR Smith good bench player. And they are going to sign James White a SG/SF.
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Lived through John Starks. not a fan of Starks 2.0 instead of missing a shot can he make an extra pass? then i'd love him. and stop fouling guys from behind the 3 point line. Woodson believes in him and so do I he's a Diamond in the very Rough