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ParPar TwoJay asks...
Do everything to save Jeremy Lin
Naaaaaaaaaaaaa nope

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yes please.... i will say bye to knicks and start with rockets...
Absolutely, he brings the knicks money and he is a good player who can be mentored by jason kidd. He wil get alot better
Yes because he is going to come back next year even better {melo is da truth}
If u do think his potential is worthy for you to save him,then sign him w/your sincerity and respect immediately, don't mix up with commercial interests. If not, just let him play in Houston happily. Don't playing games.
See if the Knicks org will keep its words after requesting him to set up his market up for himself.
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i lover jeremy but hes going to come off the bench now that you guys have jason kidd. he needs to be a starter and he will be with the rockets. i say lin to the rockets. woody is going iso melo its so obvious and lins talents will get wasted here in ny.
he only played for 20 games in the NBA
sorry guys he is good dont get me wrong but he will be on the bench with jason in the game
not everything ..sign him for 30 and you can always trade him some desperate team will pick him up..
Honestly no one knew who Jeremy Lin was before he became a Knicks. NY made Jeremy Lin a brand. Ny gave him the name Linsanity and he wants to show dis loyalty by talking to other teams who never recognize or gave him the chance like the Knicks did. As New Yorkers we embrace Jeremy Lin and made him big.. The Knicks don't need any dis loyal players or fans....