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Knickerbockers! asks...
30 Mil for a guy who played well for 3 weeks? Your thoughts

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Not trying to look like one of those LINsane fanatics, but skeptic or devotee, you've got to admit that Lin has a ton of potential for a 23 year old claimed off of waivers. The Knicks can match the Rockets' offer without paying Lin more than $10M in a single year and the marketing money that LINsanity generates should be enough to cover that anyway. Besides, J-Kidd's definitely not starting at PG, so we need Lin.
Jeremy Lin is the big part of Knicks Playoff 2012 and may be the Champion 2013
JLin came up big when are players were injuried {melo is da truth]
thats chump change compared to what he made for msg in sales. 30 mil to generate wayyyy more than 30 mil? youd be an idiot to not see thats a good deal.
i think he is well worth 30 million..after seeing some of the bench warmers teams signed for double or triple that hell yea..specially what he did in those games without melo and stoudemire. he had the bench playing like they were ALL super stars..but once melo and stoudy got back in.thats when everything went down hill..makes me wish that they would of been out the whole season. melo and stoudemire. possibly the season would of took a different turn..
only about $20M is guaranteed. I think Fields gets a better contract than Lin does lol.
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Let him go Knicks he's ungrateful for what they did for him.
Its crazy, he shoudl sign with the team that cut him and glen grunwald dont waste anytime. Pick up jeremy lin,and match the offer. Please dont let lin go. You can use him, for organization profit and he fits with the team really well
Ties up too much money, needs to prove a full season. Other options are available at a lower cost.
he sucks, had a good win streak and thats it. knicks should just let him go, trader
we gonna have a full season so lets see what he can really do. He has the potential..
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