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melorules7 asks...
r u happy fields agreed to sign with Toronto
Yes! why?
No! why?

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now shumpert gets to become what he is which is a starter at his real position
get other players to help the knicks to become champs
Coz I live in Toronto!
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I dont like fields, but he was going to be used for a sign and trade with steve nash, now we cant get him. Knicks should not even think about trading shump, our best defender.
Not happy but understand that it is the best financial situation for him compared to signing back with NYK (probably for less) to be shipped out in a trade for Nash to PHX where he might not want to play. I'm sure he knows he's a tool to lure JLin. I'm also sure he knows, he's a PAID tool!
Tell us why you picked your answer...
noo he was a solid player. and the knicks could have signed him for cheap
No {melo is da truth}