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Pete Aricio asks...
Are U a N.Y. knick fan?Or will you follow Melo, Lin,Stat.If they leave.
Melo 4 prez

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I will follow melo but i still will like the team {melo is da truth}
melo all day!
Melo is why im a knick fan i watched knicks games back when david lee was center great player but i was a melo fan from the nuggets b4 that was Billups detroit to denver b4 that MIller time pacers b4 that Da Bulls jordan so now im a melo fan for the east and durantula from the west Knicks and OKC Boo Ya!!!!!!!!!!!
melo all day without him y'all won't be winning
He is a boss
team melo
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I am a Knick fan and I still check out other players anyway because I like watching other games.
I'm not one of those fair weather fans. Sure, if either of them leave, I'll probably punch a hole in the wall... But it is just NYK, all day, everyday, son.
I love my knickerbockers , stay with the knicks though
This game ain't tennis...this is a team sport...and THE TEAM COMES ALWAYS FIRST !
It will be devastating if they do leave but Im a knicks fan, I will never leave.
i would follow melo he would always be my favorite player in the world but team comes first
Melo the truth but Im a Knicks Fan.