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Pete Aricio asks...
Would you rather have a wax figure or a Ring/CHIP?
Duh, Trade Melo!

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This is a stupid question anybody would love to have a ring over a wax figure. The city gave him the wax figure because they appreciate him. And the trade did not ruined the team the team was all ready ruined he just made it better. (Patrick Auricchio lll was never a knicks fan until Lin get a LIFE).
Patrick Auricchio III, will get outta here with all this trade Melo nonsense? It's not fair for you to blame everything on Melo just because he's the star. What's with you know-nothings always hating on the man? UGH! It's so goddamned infuriating!
ur right knuxter that ass patrick auricchio III should stop talking ahit about melo cuz without melo knicks wouldn't even make the playoffs
ring over anything
if the knicks where to trade melo then they wont have a team anymore
Melo is da truth and he is going to lead the Knicks to a Championship {melo is da truth}
this is a stupid question
Tell us why you picked your answer...
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:) The Melo trade ruined the team, and for that, MELO IS THE TRUTH! We should've waited and signed him as a F.A.! Then he would just be criticised for not being a team player when applicable... AND praised when he gets it, or goes off and wins a game for us!