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Amelo16 asks...
Who has the best Knicks play
Carmelo Anthony
Jeremy Lin

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Get A Life Patrick Auricchio lll. Learn something about basketball before you type something stupid.
Carmelo Anthony {melo is da truth}
i have to say melo but he still needs to pass the ball to stat and the players on the wings
come on now
melo cause he is a better all around player then lin and atleast he dosent turn the ball over like lin dose alot
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Melo needs to be a TEAM player! And tell everyone it is not his team it is N.Y.'s team. If it were a player's team that player would be A'mare Stoudemire since he is a superstar and he was here first when nobody was interested! The man Resurrected the franchise! Melo though not directly his fault has ruined that feel good team we had! Nothing but turmoil since he came! :( Jeremy spoke in class last year! And all Knicks fans hope he continues to do so!