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Kortarius07 asks...
Who would you rather have at the point
Steve Nash
Jason Kidd

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But I assume he would cost too much! I like both moves as we need quality on this team! But I think we need BIG Boys up front! TRADE MELO! Or make a miracle and prove that trade didn't ruin the team for years to come!
he has 10 APG how dont you like Nash on this one
Steve is a better passer and shooter than Jason {melo is da truth}
steve nash can actually still start
he can help STAT and Lin well
DONT Get NE OLD guys GET PG-kyle lowry SG-nick young SF/PF-ersan yllasova C-Javale Mcgee mixed with Melo,Mire,Chandler, douglas,jeffries,shumpert,and the bench warmers/prospects ????????????????????????other guys but thats a good team for a ring.
steve nash is better then jkidd am not saying jkidd sucks or any thing but steve is just better
Dont sign Lin and try to get Nash or another good PG.
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I'd love to have Nash on my team but i prefer to keep Shump and get Kidd instead !
how about jason kidd doing assists to chandler ?
jason kidd and chandler!
As of now jason kidd, because he would take 3 million, he would like to play, teach, and back up lin. And he a vet PG, of course nash is better but nash is too much for the knicks