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Amelo16 asks...
Will the Knicks terminate Amar'e Stoudamire's contact to get Chris Paul.

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IDK {melo is da truth}
wow great question i hope they dont because i love stat, ima loyal guy and when he signed as a knick when nobody would i virtually fell in love with the guy.. hes a class act but cp3 would fit better with melo and chandler thats no doubt
IDK either but they better, cp3 a knick, o boy(cameron) boy boy boy... forget nash, terminate stat contract and get some big men to help out on defense...
yes they need a better pg shump is not healthy and baron davis is getting old
yes stat just isnt him self any more and if u could make chris a knick thats a title team
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LOL. NO! Oh, no no no. The last thing New York needs is to make yet another huge shake-up to the roster. The Knicks need consistency. Sure, STAT hasn't been playing as well as he's being paid, but I say we give him a chance to step up. Besides, CP3 is not even a free agent this year.
Knicks close to signing Nash we dont need CP3. YET
we dont need a chris paul why not lowry or drogic ray felton maybe and we can keep Mire and melo and chandler
Umm the ?'s on CP3 are for next year, I am with you Cipher1212 on the subject of STAT!