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codyysb asks...
If we had 2 giveup either STAT/Chandler 4 an elite PG, which would you?
Amar'e Stoudemire
Tyson Chandler

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chandler better defender... we need defense... and chandler plays off the ball allowing other to focus on their game while...
Stats because Melo is a true scorer and hes was passing the ball nice so Stats got to go.
Stat because melo is already the star and we need tyson for defense{melo is da truth}
I agree stat has not been the same for a while, i would hate to see him go but i dont think he is the right piece for the knicks. @ patrick the reason we ride the melo train is because there is no other player besides chandler on the kicks team who works as hard as melo. the guy gives it his all and we respect that.
he showed injury and could be a problem down the road just like previous years
Of course amare, tyson is a good defender and can get better. The only centers in the league that are better than him is, Howard, Bynum, and Roy Hibert
Stoudemire and melo arent a good fit i feel.
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Bunch of fools, yall are ridin Melo, Whom I love his game but cost the knicks almost a whole team and a coach! Just at his whim, The guy is no Jordan and he ain't even LeBron, Damn shame! Bron shafts NY and gets a ring...Melo shafts NY and gets a wax figure and love from NY? C.R.A.Z.Y.