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Amelo16 asks...
Can the Knicks get Chris Paul ?

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Highly impossible. But I'd love to have him. It's possible if we terminate Amare's contract.. But I would love to see CP3 and Amar'e dominate with the pick&roll. Such a shame.
You heard the rumor to, I think if the rumor is true we can get him by 2013,if the knicks terminate amare stoudamire contract. That will give chris paul his money.
melo cp3 no amare
With the right moves i feel they could
yes anything is possible ... just cut amare =[
i think so
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not until next year! Amare and CP3 with no Melo!
get lowry,Wall,drogic,felton,and keep team together
This idea is in the realm of the absurd. Maybe next year when CP3 becomes a free agent, but then we'd have to let go off a lot of pieces to make room for him.