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ouwee1 asks...
Do Stat need anger management counseling?

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He get too many technical fouls on the court and have had some recent off the court issues. I know he lost a loved one during the season, but he was getting a lot of T calls and off court issues before that. Stat we need you to be at your best this year.
Maybe... STAT's a cool guy. He once bought breakfast for all of the MSG staff while they were setting up early for the game on Easter Sunday. It really saddens me to see him lose his temper due to stress because it distorts his image and affects his game, and we really need him to step up next season.
He even call someone a f@g on twitter
Yes to many techs and te twitter situation was unbelievable
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sure, so does Michael Jordan, and everybody else who gets emotional about playing basketball! Oakley, Rodman, Reggie Miller,ummm wait I know maybe the dude from Indiana Pacers who was fighting the fans! Oh yea now I think we actually got 1 for ya!
nah hes fine emotion is apart of the game