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Amelo16 asks...
Will Carmelo get a ring before Kevin Durant

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we gon be a threat this year
Yup we got a training camp, healthy rosters, and weapons
I know melo is going next year
yes... if LIN still there...
He's determined now and he's been in the gym alot and lot some weight.
definitely carmelo has more heart
yes because knicks better make the best of this...
this is our year!!! Knicks all the way
I said Yes but its easier said thenDone there is some great teams in the eastern conference Pacers,Celtics,new Nets,Hawks,new cavs,Bucks and oh yeah the team that beat down the knicks in the first round and new champs which im not a fan but they showed how great one guy could make everybody else look so bad and LBJ ran right through our Number 1 showing no mercy LBJ ran through everybody can no one stop him...Melo STeroids lol KNICKS need kyle lowry , yllasova, javale mcgee then a ring is in sight they will just have to beat the Estern Conf. and then one of the best west teams LAL,Spurs,Okc in the finals so its a possibility they have to play as a team and until they do no ring great starting 5 and good roll players and even a good six man and unity Lets go KNIcks Offseason time lets get the puzzle pieces so we can see Melo and Mire get their ring that they should get
Melo is determined now and i believe he will do whatever it takes. Plus that thunder team wont be the same after the off-season
i say yes with the knicks dear to my heart lol but melo really needs to play more D if he wants that ring ..i think hell be more committed this year tho
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The dude allowed us to empty our roster for what? He could've signed after the season was over and then we would be a force! Now I am dissapointed in the franchise and it makes me sad. Melo cannot get a ring by himself! The NBA is not a 1 on 1 game! :(
The West is a touch conference! especially if Dwight Howard gets shipped out there! :) Go Melo!
We have weapons on our team, but the Thunder have more weapons and more youth than we do. I think it'll be close though. Maybe the Thunder could beat us in a Finals Series?