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Jman1556 asks...
What do you think about J.R. smith's move into free agency?

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Eh... if he left, I guess we wouldn't have much SG depth, but if J.R. does stay, then Woodson needs to bench his streaky, ball-hogging, trouble making ass when he starts making silly fouls and jacking up bricks.
id like him to stay but if he wants to go somewhere else let him go when hes ON hes ON but Often OFF
a good team is made by a mixing between star players and good role players. The Knicks need good role players.
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good for J.R. if he NEEDS the $$$ but it sucks for the knicks!
We might lose him
J.R. smith is a very good player and if we lose him we may not be able to replace him.
Its bad we need him. Good role player
Not good, but he declined because he wanted to get a new contract, and make more money with the knicks
I want J.R to stay