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Jman1556 asks...
If Kobe Bryant came to the Knicks, would you still be a Knicks fan?
Hell No

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Yes only if melo player for the Knick ,but if melo is not hell no
that nigga got 5 rings he can so help melo can't do it himself
if your a fan
Kobe is that extra scorer and a willing passer him and melo would gel together
Seriously? they'd still be the knicks, plus kobe!!! :-) all we need is coach woodson and coach jackson to take over and its a wrap for the rest of the NBA lol #WishfullThinking
Yup, even as much as Kobe is hated at the Garden. NYK, all day, everyday, son.
haha glad to see that not a single person has voted no. Nothing would ever change being a knicks fan, not a change in shirt design, shirt color, roster, coaching staff, nothin. unless they changed the name.
Always a knicks fan.
I'll be Knicks fan even they start to play with red shirts!
wouldnt matter knicks all the way
Absolutely Im a true knicks fan
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Ooops I thought the ? was if the Knicks traded away most of the roster for Carmelo Anthony,Knowing he wanted to come here anyways at seasons end. Who cares about Kobe 1 way or the other, forget about it! If we could've gotton Reggie Miller or Michael Jordan, in the 90's I still would be reppin the Knicks! I just wouldn't look so asinine doing it!