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HARRLESON55 asks...
who you still like the knicks if lebron james came on the knicks

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only if still melo is part of it
I'm not on the band wagon ... i don't hate LB and he's not my favorite player by far, i think it would be fun to watch! If your a true Knick fan then it doesn't matter who's on the team!!!!!
yeah duh
I love THE KNICKS...don't care who is in the uniform as long as they give there all night in and night out.
Absolutely, and you melo and lin fans are crazy, for only becoming a Knicks fan, because of the players that is there.
Yes if melo is still on the team
of course...
I always like James. He's a good player.
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Stupid ? If you are a Knick fan you are a Knick fan! Derrr! Shoot they gave away players for nothing but a coke and a smile! Which has me disappointed and waiting longer, But always a Knick fan!
I want melo to get it with lebron i think hes much better than him.