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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Who are greater Rivals, they are very similar rivals also.
Melo and Lebron
Larry Bird and Magic

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Melo and Lebron both tries to shut down each other.
melo doesnt back down, i like this rival alots...
Its more current and its not on the cover of every SI magazine.
Those go at each other every chance they get.
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Jordan & Knicks, Miller & Knicks, Ewing and Mourning! Melo is crap! He would've been an excellent piece to add in F.A.! We messed that up bad!And LeBron reminding me of Jordan with all the calls he gets! NOT THE SKILL! HE WHINES LIKE A BABY! And Jordan only floopped when he needed to! Not to often! I think Bird and Magic speaks for itself!
i cant even believe this was asked .. bird and magic, they went at it in college and the pros at the highest level .. you cant possibly say melo and lebron wen melo cant even get out the first round =[regular season games dont attest to a rival in my opinion .. something has to be on the line to send the other man home crying all summa =]
just lakers and celtics had the greatestb fights of all time