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Jman1556 asks...
Who would win in a 2 vs. 2?
Pat Ewing and Larry Bird
MJ and Magic Johnson

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lol Stefon is funny, actually made me chuckle. But in a 2 on 2 you would not have a fake ass biased NBA ref,and therefore he would not get near the rim or Pat would hurt him! Just saying he would never stop Ewing at the rim or in the post with any consistency! And without the refs helping him M.J. would still be M.J. But I am a true Knicks fan and with that comes knowledge of Biased calls! I ain't mad at ya' I'm just saying if MJ and MJ double team Ewing... Bird (hate him like R.M. and Jordan for killing the Knicks) wide open? Alllllll Day kid. Jordan could throw elbows like Ewing but he cannot take the beating Pat did!
larry bird is a better 3 shooter than either of the other guys. Pat can dunk it like there is no tomorow. magic johnson is good in the paint and mj from mid range but nobody can drop those 3's like bird.
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I don't like this question. MJ and Magic are the greatest players of all time, but I hate bird, but Ewing is the greatest Knick ever.
Dumb Question!!!!!!!!! MJ and Beyonce would beat any1 2on2 ... Michael Jordan is just that good
Mj is the truth and Magic only makes it even better
lol im with my man stefon on this one