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Marouan Wahbi asks...
Do u want JR Smith to stay?
Yes (Why?)
No (Why?)

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But we cannot afford it anymore! We could sign him if we trade Melo for Howard or CP3,or Dwill or ANYONE PLEASE! He is a stain on our team... WAX FIGURE? For what? To commemorate the stupid moves we have made besides STAT in the years since houston camby and sprewell ran to the playoffs!
J.R is raw
Scoring off the bench when we need it
yes he should come back
he is athletic and a bad ....
better with him, than without him
He's a top prospect
He can dribble and improve his shot, over the summer. He needs to work on getting to the hole more because thats where most of his points need to be at. Drive to the hole and finish JR. Improve your jump shot, and make good passes then he will be a great asset
jr smith is a great asset to the team and as much as phil jackson may say that stoudamire and melo dont work well together, smith works good with everyone on the knicks team
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Chemistry issue. I like him though.
nah we got enough ball stoppers on offence ( melo and amare ) hes fun to watch but nah let him go
I don't really care if J.R. stays or not. Sure he can boost to the offense, but he's a streaky shooter who takes too many shots, he makes silly fouls, and he's a bit of a trouble maker off the court. If he stays, Woodson needs to tell him to sit his ass down when he's starts jacking up bricks.