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Hasan Muhammad asks...
Rondo or Lin

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i would love to see Rondo in a knick uniform
You can hardly even compare Rondo with Lin; He's got more experience, gets more rebounds, has a staggering 11.7 APG compared to Lin's 6.2, AND he's got a championship ring. As much as I can't stand the Celtics, they'd be nothing without Rondo.
i love lin but 3 time allstar for a guy who had half a good season u would be dumb to pass that up
Rondo is a 1000 times better than Lin..Lin is better offensively thats it..
I like Lin alot and I hope Linsanity comes back next year, but rondo is elite and experienced. I would take rondo over lin any day. But jeremy lin is still that dude.
rondo is best pg nba right now
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Lin will be like Nash or Rondo next season #waitandsee
Lin is a linspiration.
Lin will be the top PG in the league very soon!