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kevin0124 asks...
should Lin go to Lakers if he no the starting or below 3mln salary? why?

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yes pls... go to somewhere else that appeciate he talented..
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look at all the fans and i don,t think he cares about money woodson himself says he will be the starting point guard and its the Lakers fault for trading Derek fisher
we gonna do u worse than lebron if u walk away, well love u still if they trade u... thats all im saying
have the lakers shown any interest in lin? come on ppl he had a good one month run those that mean he deserves 50 million dollars. stay with the only team that took a chance on him and show some loyalty.
$3M, $2M, $10M... Does it matter? He'd still make millions a year. Frankly, Lin's paycheck is none of your concern. And why LAL of all teams? Why leave New York at all? Lin likes it here and no one on the Knicks EVER said they didn't appreciate his talent.