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rock1231 asks...
Which player on any team would help knicks get into the finals
No one they are fine
I think (insert player)

Top Rated
Amare Stodemire !
Kevin Love the best PF in the league, he best box out rebounder in the league. He is clutch and i big man who can shoot threes. He scored 51 on OKC and got 14.
Trade Melo ! I would like D=will or D. Howard even better! Toughen up knicks!
Rajon Rondo
all knick need a big man who posts up, We are good until u get to the big man and amare is a 3 trap in a 4 or 5 body, if we had either gasols we would be fantastic, i'd perfer Marc though
a point guard like curry,rubio or wall maybe?
i would love to se the combo of Dwight Howard and Amare and Melo
Deron's a good choice but can we free up the cap space and not hurt our roster... I'd love to see a combo of D-will and Lin!!!
Nash or Deron Williams
Steve Nash
i think Deron Williams would help the knicks go to the finals because he is one of the best point guards in the league and the knicks need a good point guard to bring up the ball.