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rock1231 asks...
What do you think would happen if the Knicks beat miami would they win?
Yes We Can Win
No, No chance at all

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I think if we beat miami we have a chance to take the chip because lets face it, since miami has lebron, bosh, and wade they're expected to come out of the east every year and win the finals so what happens when a team knocks them off before they even get there?
I think we could win because if we have the power to eliminate miami we have the chance to take the trophy
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Cause Melo sucks all the energy out of the team!
You picked "No, No chance at all". Tell us why.
if we beat miami, the pacers would have probably beat us because we would get killed down low, chandler cant do everything by himself defensively and offensively well he just dunks and that doesnt fly in the playoffs as u can tell we need need post players...
Even if we got by miami we would be too banged up and melo would be too tired after playing 45 minutes a night