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truknickfan asks...
should the knicks try to get andre miller?

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Hmm... Andre Miller used to play with Melo back in Denver, so they'd work well with each other. And the Knicks need a solid point guard like him to back-up J-Lin. This actually wouldn't be a bad idea... well, as long as New York doesn't trade any important players to get him.
it would be a good veteran pick up
yes because the way that lin turns the ball over is not going to be good for the knicks and andre miller use to play with melo so it could help the knicks
I think Lin could benefit from his Point Guard Knowledge of the game. But my first pick would have been Steve Nash. 3rd I think the The point Guard position should be treated like the quarterback postion in the NFL. let the better player start the game who give(KNICKS)the best chance to win. Best on there performance against top tier teams should earn the right to start. Not how much more MSG can raise tickets price. BY tapping into Asian Financial Market because of player. This does not help Lin in his development as PG.
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lin only had a couple of games with woodson as coach and every player on the team has not been 100 percent even if lin does not return we always have shumpert
The PPG he has this year, Will make the team fail. But i suggest the knicks should try to get a better PG, Like one with 18+ PPG ?
lin really needs a veteran backup point guard but if anything the knicks should first look to jason kidd than miller even though miller and melo played in denver this is not all about melo so pick the better all around choice and kidd even adds a threat from behind the arc
they have baron davis and the jeremy lin n shumput they have 3 guards already they dont need any more guards