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Do you the NY Knicks fans want Stat?

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Yea hes the reason why we have a good team again
yea did u see what he did b4 melo got there if him and melo play like they did b4 the trade DOMINATION
I know I do. Unlike the fans who've been sipping that Haterade, I've never doubted STAT. It's not fair to your team to just start ganging up on a struggling player when that same player is the main reason why your team doesn't have losing seasons anymore.
When your a fan you have to defend your team and stay with your team no matter what happens to their season.
He made basketball relevant again in the city of new york and came here without the assurance of any other stars coming. He carried this team before melo came and I have a lot of respect for that
yes because when he came to new york he put this team back on its feet and then got melo to come so yes they should keep him
he can help in the paint
OFCOURSE ! Hes a great player, he fit in with melo, chandler, and Lin.!
Anyone who thinks the Knicks are better off without Stat is insane. Without stat will become just another old Denver Nuggets team that gets in the playoffs but is never able to accomplish much. He had one tough season give the man a break, lets see how he comes back next season. These are the times when a great player is born.
At least try and show the world why you invested 100 million dollars on the man and get melo and stat in one full season without so many injuries.That is all i want to see then i will make a choice if i want stat
The majority of us knicks fans believe in loyalty. he was the first STAR player to committed to us in a long time.
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i think lots of people dont like him cause the statistics show we are better without him,me personaly i like stat and i think he is the root of our team.