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Knuxter asks...
What do you think of Knicks owner and MSG executive, James Dolan?
Who? / He's a bum
He's alright

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gave to much for melo
Knicks belongs to Melo. Melo is boss that why they lost the game.
You picked "Who? / He's a bum". Tell us why.
dont like the dolans
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hes great i love what hes done with the knicks they had no team exept 4 stat and melo and chauncey now we have ,melo,stat,tyson,iman,jr,steve,jeremy,baron, etc
i think he's alright because he put a whole lot of super stars here to ny
He's alright as long as he does not hire that ASSHOLE Isiah Thomas
When I think of NYC team OWNER. I think NY GIANTS OWNERS WINNERS! NY Yankees OWNERS SUPER WINNERS! METS/JETS/Nets Owners confused and no Leadership... The last few years it look like the Knicks OWNERS have been trying to be apart of the confused and no Leadership CLUB... SMH
don't like him , don't hate him
He got us a good team, its up to the players to work together, hes a good owner
he seems to be doing what it takes to form a championship team
He's doing a great job he's a big reason why they went to the playoffs.