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Aaron1771 asks...
r u tired of hearing that the knicks should trade amare or melo

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YES. A thousand times YES. I mean, c'mon. That would be like selling your house just for furniture.
yes be cause you gave up so much for melo and to just throw that away and you are paying amare to much to do that
yes enough already!!!!!!!!!we need guys to stay and play for knicks together for 3,4,5 years so we can get a good team they need to know each other very well,dont just keep trading and selling players,then you will try to adjust the team most of the season,keep one team just change couple guys from bench thats it.
I'm sick of it. No Great Knick should be traded for 1 bad shooting season when they can have multiple great shooting season as a Knick
Yes. New York is big enough for both of these talents. Just let them play a full healthy season together and stop sweating them.
Especially since they haven't had much time together.
All the ones who said it dont know about basketball.
Yes, I'm not saying they are the whole team but they are a the reason why that team is so good.
im sick of hearing it...
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NO.. Because this a business