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eestlane7 asks...
WHO is better?

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What kind of moron question is this? J.R. is on-and-off, takes too many shots, and gets silly fouls. Melo is... just Melo, 'nuff said. I'm sorry, but this is like asking Sir Mix-a-lot if he likes big butts or not.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
hes been an allstar 5x and jr has not even been on all star ballads
Carmelo scores 30+ points a game and he get things started. DUH!!!
But he is still a great player, but melo carries the team.
you're joking right. Melo
what kinda question is that JR is balls
JR Smith is my fav player, but in reality, Melo is WAYYYY better
do not know