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Mike Rey asks...
who would lead the knicks

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they were both good team leaders last season,but melo offcourse has more experience,and lin should just be there and help the team.for me the real leader is not who scores the most points,i think tyson chandler is the leader,cause dont forget good team starts with good defence.
i say both cuz u need a point guard to get everyone n ther spots and melo iz gonna be a valeable piece to the scoring
Melo, Lin still isnt really the best PG and still cannot play the position correct. But There both great players
melo nash amari tyson iman
HEY Men you've seen lin how he is playing just 10 games.With only 10 games as a starter he can not be a leader.Last 3 games he scored 11,13,10.Why do yo think he is better than MELO ?
you guys picking lin are really crazy now. i have to laugh at this one.
Lin is not that great! He is only good at free throws, and Anthony is good at that and everything else
I love MELO.....
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The leader always has team-first attitude.
i cant imagine anyone respecting such a childish, selfish, iso player
He can actually "pass" the ball. A term melo will never come to know of. And Jeremy Lin actually attacks the basket 173793748x better. And he doesn't freak out over fans by tweeting things and acting tough. Lmfao. Melo and a leader?
melo is a great player, but lin is the better pg
he had teamwork
WEll that depends. On the court Lin, Melo should just play and let Lin worry about the court. Off the court Melo, more experience in the league.
the point guard should lead the team, even if hes playing with michael jordan
Lin is a good pg.
He's the PG
To me, both melo and Lin can lead thevteam in turns. Look at the Rondo from Boston, he is PG but he led the team a lot. If melo was not good, Lin can help, if Lin not good, melo can help. I think whoever performed good on that game, he should lead. Everybody has up and downs. Melo is still the leader of this team because of his experiences.