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Knickerbockers! asks...
Most likely to happen next year..Melo leads league in PPG or Lin in APG
Melo in PPG
Lin in APG

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lin aint gonna get more than NASH RONDO OR RICKY
Scoring 30+ 40+ points a game and a very very hot shooter. can't slow down the Melo Machine
im a huge knick fan but lets be honest here, neither of these things are happening lol. melo isnt beating out durant/kobe/lebron/rose for the scoring title and lin isnt beating out nash/rubio/paul/dwill for the assist title any time soon either
lets hope for both.
Neither one..who made up this question a 12 year. Lets get real
Melo gets points
There's a slim chance in either of these happening because of all the competition, but Melo was #10 in the League this season in points while J-Lin was #18 in assists. The numbers don't lie...
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Carmelo may make a lot of points but has a terrible shooting percentage and Jeremy Lin dishes assists like no tomorrow
melo cant win with iso style...