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Aaron1771 asks...
do you think the knicks should let landry fields go

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He's completely not playoff material. He cause turnovers in which results to 3s and a dunk to the face. Iman = Better Defender. JR Smith = Better Shooter
we don't need him we have iman and jr
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I sure hope not. Landry's young and he's got pretty decent stats for someone who doesn't touch the all too often (8.8 PPG, 4.2 RPG, and 46% shooting). He's got potential, has good hussle on defense, and he's a good player for NYK to have on the bench. His chances of staying here don't look too good though....
Hell not!
Get rid of JR keep Landry. This guy is a smart player he just needs to be assertive.
God i hope not. I think he loses his confidence when he doesn't play a lot but he is another athletic defender. What makes a team great is the second team.
If Lin returns, then I believe they there will be more chemistry .
great rebounder and one of the few good defensive players that we have on this team...not to mention TONS of potential
I bet if Landry leaves so will Jeremy and he's our decent point guard
retain everyone except BD