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kevin0124 asks...
jeremy went for clubbing... what u think?
it's alright. no big dea

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It is ok for anyone. However, as a celebrity, he needs to protect himself while he enjoys his social life, if he decides to be a role model for the next generations as he mentioned earlier.
no special... he have his own social life...
for a change... have fun!
This is a normal adult would do it ... Besides, he has been a holiday.
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He also was mingling with some Victoria Secret models in tight dresses........ I didn't know he was like that i thought he was just about praising god but i guess he likes to party and drink!
im disappointed. been reading stuff like linsanity is getting to his head. hes starting to change. im sad.
He's my role model and I really hope he isn't changing his ways! He's such a inspiration!