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AyshaNaz1 asks...
Do you want Jr.Smith to stay?
yes! why?
No! Why?

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yes he didnt play well cuz he wuz in china nd got used 2 it then came back and had to ajust ..its not that easy
he's a good player and scorer
his a boss
he is good he should start
needs to work on basketball iq but is so talented and woodson really knows how to get the best out of him each night
He's good
why not?
Energy and another scorer.
He's a talented player! Remember that alley-oop where JR Smith did a backwards dunk? You know all those shots he makes! Fine, he can be bad sometimes, but he is a great player!
Ups and Downs
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too eratic. if he stay his fg attempts have to be limited to 6 a game
He's a hot-and-cold ISO player and takes almost as many shots as Melo does. In Game 5 against Miami, Landry scored 12 pts in 5-7 shooting; J.R. scored the same but in pitiful 3-15 shooting. If he stays, Coach must tell him to sit down when he's shooting too many bricks.
He is shooting about 30 % per game.Thats awful
too streaky