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Knuxter asks...
Who should the Knicks get rid of for the '12-'13 season?
J.R., Douglas, or Bibby

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Dougles Not ready D-League will wake him up
woodson must stay
Not trying to make excuses, like the Knicks' players always say, but part of the reason NYK was so easily eliminated by the Heat was because of our inconsistent season with player changes, player injuries, and staff changes. If NYK changes coaches again, we'd only be making that problem worse, espcially when we have a solid coach like Woodson, so he should stay. On the other hand, NYK relly needs to consider getting rid of hot-and-cold ISO J.R. Smith, aging, Mike Bibby, and ineffective Toney Douglas. Maybe trade all of them for a solid PG to back up J-Lin.
Jr get rid of him and douglas, bibby's a boss
mike biby and douglas should leave
Douglas and Bibby keep j.r. too many pg's
Bibby and Douglas.
Not J.R.
not jr