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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Stay with Jeremy Lin or Trade.
Steve Nash
Deron Williams

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None I want Jeremy to stay.
Jeremy, you have given your heart and your best to Knicks. If they want somebody else other than you, go to another team. The Knicks do not deserve you.
I want Jeremy lin ,not otheres !!
i say keep jeremy lin but because thats n ot an option, if i couldnt keep lin, i would go after nash and unleash the beast that STAT is
i want him to stay lol
STEVE NASH must come ! he will prove our offense with STAT
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I don't get this question. You're asking if we want J-Lin to stay or not, yet you didn't give us the option of keeping him. J-Lin is young, talented, has worldwide influence, and likes New York. Why in blue blazes should NYK trade him?
I wanna keep him but if he does get traded Deron will all the way
Deron Williams is younger Thinking long term nash is 39 ! Sooo Dwill