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popcornboii asks...
If you were a Knicks player, how would you feel playin the ISO Melo game
love it, Melo's the man
hate it, I feel useless

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Every team has a player they iso alot the Knicks just have to find a PG that can keep everybody in line.
not love too much but i think Melo didn't want to ISO but when nobody couldn't score he had to ISO for win. Melo ISO is good but I think he want to play with the Team. He is not selfish player.
love it if you're a 1 round playoff believer
If the team not scoring give melo the ball. Plain and simple melo will score for u
I love who Rosen,t want to win with Mr.clutch
let melo play with mobb D, while melo sit, lin, amare, chandler r inthe game
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