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Marraha Atolba asks...
Season ended, do you think Coach Woodson deserve to be with the Knicks?
Yes, indeed!
No, someone is better!

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Yeah!! keep Wood.. lets c who they draft during off season n c if wood can make things happen..
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woodson is nothing but a 1 trick pony and a dumb a" ss. 1 play in the play book called iso joe now iso melo.Woodson also said rookies should watch and learn so all first year players:K.IRVING,R.RUBIO,B.KNIGHT,D.WILLIAMS,K.WALK.WALKER...should sit and watch also or don't they have to play so they can learn thru their mistake?? finally the truth came out no wonder atlanta fired your a" ss .
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Woodson is good defense coach, but to win playoff games you need to have both defense and offense coach. If you pay attention to all of the teams winning the playoff games you should know those teams are not just good with defense. Melo is great, but rely on melo's Iso won't get us too far. So we definitely need both o and d coach.
i like woodson but phil jackson is a little better then him