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hawjboiz asks...
Separate the 11-12 Knicks or keep them together,for full complete season
Separate the 11-12 knick
Same team Full season

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Get rid of Fields, Davis, Douglas and Bibby
Jared Jeffries,Toney Dougles and Baron Davis Should go
trade landry bibby baron tony new guy and amare
take fields Toney Douglas and snare out
I want to trade Amare for a SG or lose him in FA if we can get someone better
Lets change the change up, due to alot of injuries, we need the whole team to contribute as much as possible n not wait til a star player is on DL n the sub is clueless on how to play hisposition
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Like the players said. they Like this team and so do I, I think with real off season workouts and more rest and getting to know each other they will be a great team. They did all this with these players in just a very short time. Look at the Heat the big 3 wasnt all that, another season now look where they are!
This team has gone through so much in such a short time without real team practice/training. With an off-season and summer camp they will come back stronger. This current roster has great potential to become a threat next season.
they need a full season together, and seem to want it together so i say stick with it. we have the right pieces now we need them to come together.