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kevin0124 asks...
should lin stay in knicks if he is not a starter? (woodson's interview)

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yes he should stay who ever start over will have his spot taken. Lin will take his spot
Let Lin get his momentum back and eventually become a starter when Woodson thinks he's 100%.
I really believe woodson wants to start Lin, but only when Lin is 100% healthy. this team is looking real good for the next season.
He still has a lot to learn and can do so if we get D. Will or Nash.
He is getting there ! In time
Lin is good, but he was only starting because he was the best and most consistent guard at the time. if you have a better point guard like nash or chris paul, he is gonna be coming off the bench. and he should be delighted.
Because it's obvious he's going to do well, and besides whatif some low team like the nets got him...
First Lin did not bring the Knicks to the playoffs. The Knicks got to the playoffs because they played like a team in april thats why they got to the playoffs.
yes, he can play with Mobb D...
If Nash also comes then Lin should come off the bench and be able to learn and develop from one of the best. Then, next season he will start
he should stay cause he will get his chance and i think he is the best when he need to compete for the spot of starter.also he already knows the teamates so its easyer for him to pass them the ball.
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Go and join the team with a coach that trusted you! I mean Jeremy is not older than Baron and Woodson is itching to put Baron in the front line even though out of his prime and banged up? And you were asked if Lin will start next season and you're saying "only time will tell" and you can't tell??? Or you really don't trust Lin at all. Until now you haven't realized that it's Lin that brought the Knicks to the playoffs.
Woodson has never been positive when he talks about Lin. He is not appreciated Lin's talents, because all he wants is ISO. Woody got fired from Atlanta because Woody's ISO play brings Atlanta to nowhere. The critical elements for a champion team are teamballs and teamwork. I don't know where KNicks is going to next season with Woody's ISO.
my personally think... Lin should go to other team that appreaciate u value... waste time in -knicks for co-exist with those superstar... shit..
He is a quick learner. When he is a starter,he could learn a lot from the real competitive situation.Give him more time.Probably he'll be next Rose.
What he did to the Knicks should be recognized. If we get Nash I don't mind that Lin play with bench, otherwise he should be a starting pg because he is the best among the players.
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