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Knuxter asks...
Do you want NYK to get rid of any starters next season?
No! We're a strong team!
Yes! Trade the ISOs!

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Landry Needs to show up more !
this team is going to be a monster squad next season.
me personaly i dont like jared jeffries cause he always miss the shoots,but he suprised me when he scored from midd range in last game.toney douglas is good but he need to get his confidence back.harelson need to get more minutes so most of the team should stay.if we have to trade someone trade jeffries and douglas.
I'm not sure who we should get rid of (however, I'm pretty sure we should give Toney Douglas the boot), but I do hope that NYK does not trade either Harrellson, Landry, Bibby, Novakaine, Shump, Chandler, J-Lin, STAT, or Melo. In addition to our pretty strong starting line-up, we need to have a solid bench. I would include B. Diddy, but I suspect that unfortunately his career has come to an end.
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Novak should start.
trade landry fields toney and someone else and keethe new starters lin melo amare jr and iman
jr smith was just awful
trade landry ATLEAST
Tell us why you picked your answer...
We still need back up players incase the starters r on DL... i want KG